The characteristic of the current state of St Cross’s Church in Buk
The cemetery St Cross’s Church in Buk belongs to the Roman-Catholic St Stanisław the Bishop’s Parish.

The St Cross’s Church is located on the site of the oldest borough, the later suburb, whose name is Konary. Andrzej Bnin Opaleński the Tenth, who was the bishop of Poznań, built the St Wojciech’s Church in this place in 1609. Having been renovated in 1760, it was demolished in the next century.  The current wooden church was erected in the place of the old one in 1760. It was founded by the landlord of a nearby village, Wojnowice, whose name was Wiktor Raczyński. The new temple was  constructed to resemble the shape of a Greek cross. It was designed to have a wooden piled frame.

The temple’s walls were planked. The church is not orientated, planked vertically. The roof was created on the basis of collar beam construction. All of the arms of the church are covered with a gable roof and possess Baroque tops with circular windows. The central part is covered with a dome, supported with eight columns, with an octagonal roof lantern and a tent. The side arms of the cross have apparent barrel vault. The center part of the roof in the form of a contoured dome is crowned with a circular bulbous tent decorated with a spike. The coating of the roof is made of natural stone slate and its flashing is made of titanium-zinc plate.

Inside, the central part of the temple is sectioned off by eight columns. The dome, which is above this part, is adorned with polychrome, probably dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. It was repainted in 1966 by Teodor Szukała and it depicts four scenes from the life of St Wojciech. There are also four characters painted in the lantern and they show St Jadwiga, St Kazimierz, St Wojciech and St Stanisław. The rococo equipment of the inside of the temple originates from the period of the construction of the church. It consists of one main and several side altars. Being the most valuable items located in the temple, a gothic crucifix and a stone stoup both date from the turn of the 16th century. The floor in the church is made of wood.

A planked wooden historic bell tower has stood adjacent to the church since 1757 and is of post and lintel frame type. There are an old bell inside dating from 1889 and an inscription on the beam saying “1757”. In the nearby cemetery, there stands a stone rococo sculpture depicting Christ the Flogged and Crowned with the Crown of Thorns. The sculpture was made by Ecce Homo in 1762.

In the years 2017-2019 with the help of the European Union as part of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020, restoration work of the inside and historic equipment of the church, alongside with the restoration of the temple’s structure, was conducted.

The restoration of:

  • the combined footing
  • the outer walls: puttying and strengthening of wood; replacement of worn elements
  • the naves’ roofs, the elements of the dome and of the roof truss
  • the floors in the nave, presbytery and the sacristy was conducted.

Also there were restoration works conducted in the area of:

  • the main altar and four side altars
  • the pulpit
  • the choir
  • the pictures of St Jan Nepomucen and St Izydor Oracz
  • historic polychrome

Contact information:
St Stanislaw the Bishop and the Martyr Church in Buk
St 30 Mury, Buk
tel. 61 8140 141

St Cross Church:
St 20 Bohaterów Bukowskich
64-320 Buk