The characteristic of the current state of St Lawrence’s Church in Łomnica

St Lawrence’s Church was funded  by Edward Garczyński, who launched the construction of an imposing complex with a park, palace and a church, as a result of becoming the landowner in 1768. Initially, the palace was built followed by manor outbuildings and finally, by the church in 1770.

The temple is in the shape of the Greek cross with a clearly accentuated octagonal central part. At the western side of the church, there is a narthex and at its eastern side, there is a slightly prolonged presbytery with an adjacent sacristy. This is a wooden planked building with log frame structure, covered by a slated gable roof. The lantern situated centrally rising above the main roof is crowned with a spire with a cross supported by putto.

The inside of the temple is covered with an octagonal dome with a high side-cut rectangular lantern. The dome is supported with columns crowned with decorative caps. The eight fields of the dome are adorned by rococo polychrome from the time of the construction of the temple. The rest of the church is covered with a wooden flat vault with covings.

The valuable historic equipment dates back to the era of the temple’s construction. The main one -leveled altar is wooden and has a stand-alone altar stone. The entirety is richly decorated and adorned with a rocaille ornament. In the central part of the retable, there is a painting created on the canvas, which shows St Lawrence – the patron of the church. The side altars, similarly one-leveled, constitute a type of complex frames of the paintings centrally placed inside them. The paintings show St Thecla and St Jacob. During the renovations works of the monochromatic decoration of side altars, elaborate paintings clearly inspired by Chinese culture and Chinese pottery (chinoiserie) were discovered. They consisted of feral, floral and mythical motives. Moreover, there are cofessionals, patrons’ pews, steles, a feretory, the Stations of the Cross, and a choir supported on columns and dating back to the temple’s construction era, all of which stylistically refer to said motives.

In the years 2017-2019 with the help of the European Union as part of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020, restoration work of the inside and historic equipment of the church was conducted.

The restoration of:

  • the side altars of St Jacob and St Thecla
  • the painted decoration of the vault, the walls, the pilasters and columns
  • two confessionals
  • steles and patrons’ pews
  • the Stations of the Cross (11 stations)
  • the feretory
  • the choir (including the balustrade and the supporting columns) was conducted.

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